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About our Founder and our Care Team


Our Founder

       Jennifer M. Celaya founded New Beginnings Family Services out of the passionate vision drawn from her own experiences with the Family Courts and Services. Her aim is simple, to ensure that no one else would have to go through the painful struggle and debilitation of unnecessary family separation, as she and her family haveWith Jennifer's firsthand experience combined with her twenty two year as an LDA, she was able to give valuable insight that families need to navigate their way through, and survive, the broken system, and help them reach a peaceful and family-affirming resolution.


Moving Forward Together

Together our Team's expertise has had a powerful impact with our client-families and the professionals that work with them. For us at New Beginnings Family Services, this is a labor of love. We do it because we love the work, and we know how important family is in leading a healthy life.

Meet the Interns

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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